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Law related - FAQs

These are the most commonly asked questions during the Successful strategies for the COVID-19 crisis: Emergency Bridging Measures for Sustained Employment - hosted on April 29, 2020 by The Hague & Partners in collaboration with Law firm - LaGro Lawyers.

For questions, please contact David Korzec @d.korzec@lgga.nl

  1. Is NOW also applicable to independent consultants or freelance without employees? No, for so-called ZZP individuals there are different schemes you can apply for. I refer you to the following website:
  2. I have an NGO client who can't run their workshops/trainings. That is lost income. What do you recommend in this situation?

    I would personally suggest to the NGO to discuss this matter with their accountant. If a registered accountant is willing to consider the lost income of a decrease in booked workshop/training as a decrease in turn-over, then I am fairly positive you would be eligible to apply for the NOW. Note that you need to fulfil the other requirements as well such as that the decrease is caused by Covid-19 and that social security tax was paid over the salaries of your employees.

  3. Can I terminate employment agreements during this period? That depends on the grounds of the termination. Terminations on the basis of business economic reasons are specifically prohibited if you applied for the NOW. Other grounds are allowed, but be aware that it may affect the so-called total wage sum and result in you receiving less NOW compensation.
  4. What documents to show the turnover decrease? For the initial application, no documents regarding turn-over decrease are required. However, during the final application, you are most likely requested to provide a copy of your accounts as approved by a registered accountant.