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III Europe Launch Event
Corporate event

Integrity Initiatives International (III) Europe launches in The Hague

Since June 2021, prominent leaders in politics, the judiciary, and civil society have called for the establishment of an International Anti-Corruption Court (IACC) to hold kleptocrats and their co-conspirators accountable when national governments cannot or will not act.

This vision has gained considerable momentum thanks to the advocacy of global NGO Integrity Initiatives International (III) and its coalition partners. The formation of III Europe in The Hague marks a major step forward. In June, the official launch of III Europe was celebrated at the Humanity Hub in The Hague. 

Our marketeer Robin interviewed Maja Groff, Senior Treaty Advisor for III Europe, and Laurens Kok, Head of Foreign Investments at The Hague & Partners, to gain insights into the impact of III's launch on The Hague. Read their conversation below.

Maja Groff

Senior Treaty Advisor for Integrity Initiatives International Europe.


To start off, can you explain the main objectives behind III establishing a presence in Europe?

The mission of III Europe is to accelerate efforts to strengthen relevant laws in the fight against grand corruption and work towards the establishment of the International Anti-Corruption Court (IACC). Our work is structured around four main pillars:

  • Creating a draft treaty
  • Building a coalition of civil society organizations (CSOs)
  • Developing and implementing a government outreach strategy
  • Engaging in public advocacy initiatives

How will being based in The Hague help accelerate the mission to campaign for the establishment of the IACC?

Being based in The Hague offers a unique advantage due to its rich ecosystem of existing and potential collaborators and its status as the capital of international law. Many members of the IACC treaty committee and advisors have held or currently hold positions at major Hague-based legal institutions, ensuring a high level of expertise contributes to the creation of the treaty. The city's long history as a center for the rule of law, combined with its openness to progressive proposals for innovative legal institutions, creates a conducive environment for our mission. Additionally, the regular convening of experts in The Hague provides easy access to knowledge and resources. The supportive and visionary stance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs further enhances our efforts.

What is your call to action to government leaders, civil society organizations or anyone else who might want to get involved in this project?

We call on government leaders, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to join us in ensuring that funds are directed toward addressing the many challenges we face globally, including climate change, social injustice, and threats to democracy. We welcome collaboration with anyone interested in exploring potential partnerships. This is an ambitious endeavor that requires supporters from all sectors. We are also eager to engage with donors who are interested in supporting various aspects of our cause. Together, we can make a significant impact in the fight against grand corruption.

Laurens Kok

Head of The Foreign Investments at The Hague & Partners


What does the arrival of Integrity Initiatives International (III) Europe in The Hague signify for the city's reputation as an international hub for justice and human rights / rule of law? 

The arrival of III Europe in The Hague testifies to the city's continued vitality as an international center on the avant garde of the progressive development of international law, and as a fundamental global center supporting the development of meaningful steps forward for justice, human rights and the rule of law for all. The substantial developments represented by the work of III Europe and collaborating organizations are needed within the international community now more than ever.

How will the presence of III impact the local community of The Hague? Are there any specific initiatives or collaborations planned with local organizations or institutions?

Many close collaborators of III are already located at diverse organizations in The Hague -- hailing from a wide range of professional backgrounds and geographic locations. These collaborations will continue, specifically and generally on an ongoing basis, and will be further activated when the new Managing Director for III Europe is in place.

III Europe Launch Event
III Europe Launch Event
III Europe Launch Event

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