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geothermal energy

Geothermal Energy: The International Geothermal Association establishes headquarters in The Hague

On November 10th, the International Geothermal Association (IGA) announced that it will move its operational headquarters to The Hague. This milestone has taken shape in close collaboration with The Hague & Partners. An important development within the strategic positioning of geothermal energy and the CO2-reducing climate objectives. The Netherlands is a pioneer in geothermal energy solutions for greenhouse horticulture and is about to use geothermal energy in the built environment.


The IGA has kicked off the geothermal decade and is in the lead to drive the technology agenda and nurture the diplomatic relations needed to balance the demand for clean energy and the future geothermal solutions. The IGA represents the global geothermal industry at international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Renewable Energy Agency and the International Energy Agency. The IGA is delighted to take a seat in the political capital of the Netherlands and be surrounded by embassies, industry partners and successful application of geothermal energy.

Dr Marit Brommer, the Executive Director IGA said: “In the coming decade we will see the geothermal energy scale up to a mature energy provider that is able to offer a cost-effective, clean, baseload supply to its customers. With The Hague as our new seat, we can unleash the geothermal potential through building a global coalition of the willing that will drive standardisation, investment and sustainability goals.”

The energy industry welcomes the arrival of the IGA in the Netherlands. In 2018 Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN) in collaboration with the Dutch Association Geothermal Operators (DAGO), Stichting Platform Geothermie and Stichting Warmtenetwerk already published "The Geothermal Energy Master Plan in the Netherlands". IGA will bring a lot of knowledge, expertise and network with it, which will help the Netherlands in achieving its own ambitions. The same applies to TNO, a high-quality geothermal test location in Rijswijk with a Rijswijk Centre for Sustainable Geo Energy.

Saskia Bruines, Deputy Mayor of The Hague for Economy, International and Services, Municipality of The Hague said: “The Hague is proud to welcome the International Geothermal Association as part of our Impact Ecosystem, where we focus on the energy transition and solutions for a better and safer world. Companies and organizations that can strengthen the global energy transition are very welcome in The Hague. I encourage international organizations in our city and the conventional energy sector to partner with IGA. "

Liesbeth van Tongeren, Deputy Mayor of The Hague for Sustainability, Environment, Energy Transition said: “Clean energy is a young developing sector, and the city of The Hague wants to become a center for businesses, R&D, conversations, and practical applications that will drive the energy transition. I am delighted that IGA has chosen The Hague as their new location and see a natural fit with the region that is already home to a state-of-the-art research facility, the University of Delft and application of heat energy in horticulture. Moreover Netherlands’ first urban geothermal plant will be operational soon, delivering district heating in The Hague.”

Laurens Kok, Head of Foreign Investments at The Hague & Partners said: “The choice of The International Geothermal Association for the City of The Hague demonstrates the change of focus for many international Energy and Engineering companies that have been in our City for decades. It also recognizes the fertile ground for further knowledge development, innovation and integrated solutions in The Netherlands where industry works together with the government, science and society to create low carbon business models across the Energy value chain.”

  • About the International Geothermal Association

The International Geothermal Association (IGA) is the leading global geothermal platform. With its four pillars of visibility, sustainability, collaboration and authority, they are committed to promoting geothermal energy as a game changer to achieve Sustainable Development Goal # 7, which provides affordable, clean, base load energy for all. The IGA connects the Global Geothermal Community and serves as a hub for networking opportunities aimed at promoting and supporting global geothermal development. With industry partners, we set standards, develop the technology agenda and advance clean technology entrepreneurs.


  • About The Hague & Partners Business Agency

The Hague & Partners Business Agency focuses on bringing international companies and organisations to The Hague. It is a special year for The Hague & Partners, marking its 20 years in 2020. Over the past two decades, the organisation has recruited a large number of foreign companies that established themselves in The Hague. In 2019 The Hague & Partners was able to bring 42 new international companies to The Hague. Together these companies are good for more than 32 million euros in investments. These companies together expect to create 690 new jobs in The Hague in the next three years. An example of a company that was helped by The Hague & Partners in 2019 with its location in The Hague is the journalistic research platform Bellingcat. Other examples of newly recruited international companies are Indian IT companies JK Technosoft and eMudhra.

For all questions and  more information regarding this article, please contact Laurens Kok, Head of the Foreign Investments van The Hague & Partners Business Agency by phone: 06- 83210172 or e-mail: l.kok@thehague.com