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Digital Softlanding Program Cyber Security

About the Digital Softlanding Program Cyber Security

The Digital Softlanding Program on Cyber Security is a uniquely founded program by The Hague & Partners to guide India’s 10 best cyber security companies with their European expansion.

The Digital Softlanding Program is a government sponsored program by which the aim is to help innovative cyber security companies validate their entry strategy for the European market through a structured digital 4-step process before their physical expansion to Europe.


We invite promising Indian Cyber Security companies to apply for this program where 10 of the best applicants will be selected and granted free access to our Digital Softlanding Program Cyber Security. The program follows a specifically designed 4-step approach where firstly through experienced sector experts, the selected participants will receive all market information about the Dutch and European Cyber Security ecosytem.

Secondly, the participants will be guided by business mentors with crafting their European entry strategy based on the sector inputs received by the sector experts previously. The next step consist of validating the earlier crafted European entry strategy with local players from the Dutch Cyber Security ecosystem in order to finetune the right product/market fit for the European market.

Lastly, once the participant has a validated European Entry strategy a tailored roadmap for physical expansion will be provided to have successful soft-landing in the Netherlands. If you believe that your company is the right fit for this program, we highly encourage you to apply via our application form below!


  • You are a Cyber Security company from India with your own developed innovative solutions/technologies.
  • You have an impact-driven team with relevant experience ( 10 or more members).
  • Proven Product/Market fit; Paying and recurring customers; in other words you are successful in your domestic market and see potential for expanding to the European market
  • You have a competitive solution in a substantial market with a scalable model or technology
  • You already have a vision to expand to Europe and increase your global presence
  • Preferably you already have affinity with the European market
  • Already have received or able to raise sufficient funding and deploy capacity of your team to expand to Europe.
  • Open to share experiences with co-participants of the programs.
  • Your company is providing the following solutions in the field of Cyber Threat Identication, Risk Management software, Cyber Security for governments & Regulatory organizations, GDPR & Data privacy and solutions for the Financial & Insurance industry.  
  • And/or your solution overlaps with the Cyber Security challenges for the Dutch market below:
Cyber Security Cross-overs

Consortium Partners

The Digital So­ Landing Program Cyber Security is executed by a coalition of public and private organizations, namely The Hague & Partners, The Royal Dutch Embassy of the Netherlands, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, InnovationQuarter, Municipality of The Hague, Dutch Basecamp and The Hague Security Delta. Together this coalition provides the right experience for Indian Cyber Security companies to explore expansion to the Netherlands and ultimately experience a softlanding in European Cyber Security ecosystem via The Hague.

The Hague the centre for Cyber Security in Europe

The Netherlands is currently the highest ranked EU country on the most powerful countries in Cyberspace ranking of secureworld.io, and ranks fifth globally. In response to ongoing digitisation, combined with increasing cyber threats, the Netherlands continues to strengthen its cybersecurity ecosystem which is centred around cluster organisation Security Delta, headquarterd in The Hague.  

The Hague is the international City of Peace, Justice and Security. A city where organisations like Europol, European Cybercrime Centre, NATO Communications and Information Agency, and over 275 companies and other organisations are working on a better and safer (digital) world. HSD Campus in The Hague is the centrepoint of this ecosystem.  

Apply for the Digital Softlanding Program

Are you an Indian Cyber Security companies and do you want to apply for the Digital Softlanding Program?

Click here to apply



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