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Racing through The Hague Ecosystem

The pandemic shut down our normal means to exercise. There were no more spin classes, no more team sports, no more gyms. So it is only natural that people would go back to basics: running. Running saw a huge boom during the COVID-19 pandemic. This effect was identified and experienced by Mark Trewren, a British sports fanatic living in the Netherlands. Mark grew up in Middlesbrough in the UK, a town located by the coast that he is reminded of when he’s in The Hague - close to the beach and the prevailing smell of salt air. He spent years traveling the world and teaching, fascinated by other cultures and what he could learn. When he settled in the Netherlands, he wanted to up his game, so he went back to school and completed his masters. He then went on to become a lecturer at TUDelft.

The Origins of AllBlazing.

Due to the pandemic-related restrictions, Mark, like many others, could no longer participate in group running activities such as marathons and triathlons. He could also no longer travel to hike or alpine climb, sports he was so passionate about. He had to rethink what he could do to stay active and to keep his motivation. This led to the creation of the AllBlazing app. 

AllBlazing’s main purpose is to keep people motivated to work out. It does that by enabling runners to create their own events, like head-to-head races or training sessions, which others can easily join, or follow on a real-time map. The app allows runners to find people of similar fitness level to train with, and the opportunity to live-stream those activities with the people you choose. If that doesn’t keep you motivated to get off the couch.

The Hague's Startup Eco-system.

Mark has fully thrown himself into the Hague startup ecosystem and has joined multiple hubs, helping him grow his personal connections, all while adding valuable insight into the ecosystem. His team recently joined YES!Delft’s AI/Blockchain Validation Lab where they completed a 10 week programme with AllBlazing. Being part of the non-profit YES!Delft lab, helped him build a stronger foundation in the Netherlands and helped re-evaluate his product. Mark also joined The Hague Tech, a community and co-working hub in the heart of the business district in The Hague. Being part of the community made Mark realise that a game of ping pong wasn’t just a good way to stay in shape and take a break, but also a chance to connect with others, exchange ideas, and find common solutions.

Want to find out more?

The app is now in beta mode and live and AllBlazing is looking for users to test the app as well as partners to help promote it. If you would like to become a tester or are interested in what AllBlazing is building, please contact hello@allblazing.io.