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The Hague in the media, The Hague Binnenhof

The Hague. The Media

The Hague in the Media

Regularly, you'll find The Hague in the media. Not just for its political landscape, both national and international. But also for its many activities, events, museums, hotels, and much more. On this page, we've selected a few of our favorite recent publications.

Libelle: 3x zin in december, Best Christmas fair in the country

Libelle: 3x zin in december (NL)

In the Libelle readers find out where to find the best Christmas markets, with the coziest atmosphere and most delicious Glüwein in the country. And the top spot goes to: The Hague Royal Christmas Fair! 

Gooi- en Eemlander: Op chic in Den Haag

Gooi- en Eemlander: Getting fancy in The Hague (NL)

Fairytale-like palaces, chique boutiques and top-lever restaurants and the creme de la creme hotels. When visiting The Hague you might just feel like a royal, not just during the day, but also in your sleep. Time to stay a night at the King, or atleast in the same city.

NRZ_Auf der Spur der Royals der Nachbarschaft

NRZ: Auf der Spur der Royals aus der Nachbarschaft (DE)

The Hague is not only the residence of the Dutch parliament and numerous national and international organizations but has also hosted the Dutch Royal family since the establishment of the monarchy in 1814. This has led to the construction of many palaces in the city, as well as royal art collections still residing in their home city.

You can read the article here
Hollands Glorie_Koninklijk Den Haag

Hollands Glorie: Royally The Hague (NL)

Annemique de Kroon takes us on a journey through everything royal in The Hague. The history, the present, and the future of the monarchy are all covered in this beautiful piece.

The Sunday Times_The Big Weekend

The Sunday Times: The big weekend (EN)

Time to take the train to The Hague and have to greatest weekend of your life, that's the underlying message of The Sundat Time': The Big Weekend. Cathy Adams tells about why you should come, and why you would never want to leave.

you can read the article here
Das Magazine_Metropole mit Meer

Das Magazine: Metropole mit Meer (DE)

Emil Noren visited The Hague at the end of the summer. He speaks of The Hague as the heart of national and international democracy, a city of peace and justice, a seaside city, and a must-see for culture enthusiasts.

You can read the article here
AD/Haagse Courant_Den Haag tweede toeristische stad van Nederland

AD/Haagse Courant: The Hague is finally the second tourist city in the Netherlands (NL)

The Hague can finally call itself the second tourist city in the Netherlands after a record year in 2022 in terms of hotel stays. The AD (Algemeen Dagblad) paid ample attention to this.

You can read the article here
The Telegraph UK_Forget Barcelona-The Hague is Europe's best beach city

The Telegraph UK: Forget Barcelona, The Hague is Europe's best beach city (EN)

Actually, the title of the article says it all; forget Barcelona, The Hague is the best coastal city in Europe. That says something about how much British Kate Wickers from The Telegraph enjoyed her visit to The Hague.

You can read the article here
Knack weekend_15 adressen voor een geslaagd weekend Den Haag

Knack Weekend: 15 adresses for a good weekend in The Hague (BE)

Coast enthusiast Veerle Helsen from the Flemish magazine Knack visited The Hague to discover what this city behind the dunes has to offer, and it certainly did not disappoint.

You can read the article here
Elsevier_125 jaar Escher

Elsevier: Incomprehensibly logical (NL)

For the 125th anniversary of Escher, Elsevier conducted research to explore who Escher exactly was and what makes him so unique.

You can read the article here
Lux & Travel_bijzonder cultureel weekend aan zee

Lux & Travel: A culturally significant weekend in The Hague (BE)

Royal shopping, delicious food, and the Royal Christmas Fair. Belgian magazine Lux & Travel discovered why The Hague is a fantastic winter destination.

You can read the article here
Algemeen Dagblad_BlowUp Art

Algemeen Dagblad: BlowUp Art (NL)

AD columnist Sjaak Bral humorously supports the October BlowUp Art around the Binnenhof in his column, adding a light-hearted touch to the city's cultural scene.

You can read the article here
Inews_the underrated european beach destination with quaint villages, history and miles of coastline

Inews: The underrated European beach destination with quaint villages, history and miles of coastline (EN)

The news website Inews in the United Kingdom recommends Scheveningen as a beach destination and also notes that the city center and Escher are within easy reach from the beach.

You can read the article here
Algemeen Dagblad_DenHaagPas

Algemeen Dagblad: Cheaper to theaters, museums, and shops in The Hague? It's possible! (NL)

Nice article in the AD (Algemeen Dagblad) about the launch of the DenHaagPas and its benefits.

You can read the article here
Lonely Planet_The Hague as one of the best daytrip locations

The Lonely Planet: The Hague as one of the best daytrip locations (EN)

Lonely Planet presents The Hague as one of the six best day trips from Amsterdam, with a focus on the royal city!

You can read the article here
WDR_Wunderschön_The Hague

WDR: Wunderschön (DE)

Presenter Andrea Griessman came to The Hague for the travel program "Wunderschön" on the German TV channel WDR just before the coronavirus pandemic, to experience King's Day, cycle along the beach, and explore The Hague. The program is regularly repeated, so many Germans have seen it by now, and some residents of The Hague even get recognized on the streets in Germany during the broadcast.

You can watch the Wunderschön episode here
Metro_Scheveningen is en wordt veel meer dan een plastic stoel, patat en schnitzel

Metro News: Scheveningen is and will be much more than a plastic chair, fries, and schnitzel (NL)

The time when you could only get a schnitzel with fries in Scheveningen is definitely over, according to the online newspaper Metro News after a visit to the seaside resort. The new North Boulevard has become a culinary hotspot, with beach clubs offering a variety of delicious dishes.

You can read the article here
Volkskrant_Scheveningen wil af van het imago van patatboulevard en zit midden in een grote opknapbeurt

Volkskrant: Scheveningen wants to shed the image of a fries boulevard and is in the midst of a major makeover. How is that going? (NL)

Scheveningen has undergone quite a makeover in recent years. Journalist Kirsten Hannema from the Volkskrant came to see the new developments.

You can read the article here
The Independent_Sustainability by the sea_How The Hague is angling to become the Netherland’s greenest city

The Independent: Sustainability by the sea: How The Hague is angling to become the Netherland’s greenest city

For those who love to travel but also consider climate and nature essential, according to the British quality newspaper The Independent, it's a good idea to take a city trip to The Hague. The newspaper is particularly impressed by the beautiful cycling paths throughout the city and the sustainable and ecological restaurants and beach clubs.

You can read the article here
3 op reis_Kustpad

BNNVARA 3 op Reis: Walk through the dunes

In the heart of winter, presenter Dzifa walked the North Sea Coastal Path through Meijendel and along Scheveningen beach for BNN/VARA's 3 op Reis. She even allowed herself to be persuaded to take a dip in the icy North Sea.

You can watch the episode here
Fodor's Travel_The Judicial capital of the world is actually one of Europe's most exciting cities

Fodor's Travel: The “Judicial Capital of the World” Is Actually One of Europe’s Most Exciting Cities (US)


Journalist Rosie Bell wrote for the American travel website Fodor’s Travel, which attracts an impressive 5 million unique visitors per month, about 14 experiences that you can only have in The Hague. Did you know that the world's oldest book museum is here? Or that Van Gogh enjoyed a little jenever from Van Kleef?

You can read the article here