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Remco in The Hague

City Host Remco Dörr Explores The Hidden Gems of The Hague

We understand that you're not always able to visit The Hague. But this doesn't mean that we can't share the taste of The Hague with you. And who can do it better than our City Host Remco Dörr? Join Remco on his journey through The Hague and discover the city’s rich history, some exciting must-do’s and some of The Hague’s hidden gems and find out #WhereWillRemcoGoNext.

Who is Remco, actually?

Many local people, as well as our beloved international clients and friends, know Remco due to his flawless beard, his immense bowtie collection, his storytelling skills, or just as... well, Remco. But many don't know that he knows all the ins and outs of the city The Hague, The Netherlands. Trust us, he knows everything!

Remco wakes up from the iconic Hotel des Indes

In the first episode of #WhereWillRemcoGoNext? The storytelling begins as Remco is waking up in the iconic Hotel Des Indes in The Hague. Hotel Des Indes is known for its incredible history and hosting world-famous actors and politicians. Moreover, the hotel serves the tastiest high-teas. Great to share with your colleagues, friends and family, or... just with yourself...

Remco strolling through the historic City Centre of The Hague

Ready to explore more? Let's go! In this episode, Remco will tell you more about the historical and cultural side of The Hague and will show you some of the city's hidden gems. Curious to find out what museums you can recommend to your delegates when hosting your event in The Hague? Think of Mauritshuis to see the 'Boogie-Woogie' of Mondriaan or the 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' of Vermeer. Or perhaps Panorama Mesdag? Remco will show you around. 

Remco at the beach of Scheveningen

In the third episode, Remco pays a visit to The Hague's boulevard and beach – also known as Scheveningen. The Hague is the only Dutch city directly located at the beach and according to many, the most beautiful and exciting beach. If you and your delegates ride a bike from the city centre of The Hague, your feet can be in the sand within fifteen minutes!  Stroll down the boulevard along the 11 kilometers of coastline, try some cocktails at one of the many beach clubs, visit the attractions such as De Pier or submerge yourself in Sea Life and then swim or surf in the North Sea water. Scheveningen and its beach are a must-see when visiting The Hague.

Remco gets a surfing class from National Surfing Champion

After a long stroll down the boulevard and beach of Scheveningen, Remco is up for some action. Luckily, the many beach clubs offer surfing classes and Dutch national surfing champion Mirna Boelsma is more than willing to provide Remco with one. Will he dare to catch a wave in the wild North Sea? 

Remco preparing a cocktail at local distillery Van Kleef

The surfing class made Remco a bit thirsty. Therefore, he decides to visit the famous local distillery Van Kleef. Van Kleef is a must-visit for the gin and Jenever lovers. Not only do they offer workshops. It's also possible to get a guided tour through their lovely museum. 

David Frielink

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