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The Hague Beach Stadium

The Hague Beach Stadium is situated directly on the beautiful shore of Scheveningen. Participating in outdoor sports is a unique experience. At this extraordinary beach sports center, sport, innovation, and energy are always the centers of attention. Practicing sports in the sand and near the sea is amazing, gives an unparalleled sense of freedom and a feeling of pure energy.

Energized and Inspired

Their goal is for The Hague Beach Stadium guests to leave feeling energized and inspired; whether they were practicing a sport themselves, attending an event or following a vitality program. At their unique location, they make it their daily mission to encourage sports fans of all levels to engage in fun, physical activities.

The Hague Beach Stadium is a good location for hosting various events, such as business meetings, team building events, parties and company outings. Their professional team organizes your event to perfection, from start to finish, so that you can sit back and enjoy the event carefreely.

Vitality Training & Workshops
Lately, employers have started paying more attention to the vitality and sustainable employability of their employees. Mental stress, physical stress and fatigue are a common phenomenon at the workplace. Fortunately, these complaints can be remedied. By improving the vitality of your employees, you will promote
a healthy and efficient work environment with productive and happy employees. Let the Hague Beach Stadium help you get there.

Teambuilding & Fun
Are you interested in organizing an outing for you and your team? Come to The Hague Beach
Stadium, pick out your favorite sport and leave the rest to them. The possibilities and options are endless: choose from a wide range of clinics, healthy lunches and delicious barbecues. Are you looking for alternatives for less active or mobile colleagues? No problem, there are plenty
of options!

Location & Meetings
Meeting room with a roof terrace by the sea. The Hague Beach Stadium is the perfect place to host all of your important meetings, such as the presentation of a new investment plan, the discussion of annual reports or a meeting with business partners. They offer a unique meeting room that comes with a roof terrace, ocean view and all of the essentials. The meeting room suits 10 to 40 people depending on the set-up.

Food & Drinks
Eating healthy and drinking well is essential when you are spending your day being active through movement and inspiration! The menus of The Hague Beach Stadium are full of responsible choices and delicious surprises. With their tasty creations, guests can enjoy the taste of summer, all year round. Groups till 50 people can choose from their daily menu and packages. Visiting them with a group of at least fifty people? Their partner Van der Linde Catering is more than happy to take care of the culinary part of your event.

Strandweg 4
2586 JW, The Hague